Caring for bonsais and plants requires quality products to achieve healthy growth and an impressive appearance. In this blog, we will explore some of the essential brands that plant enthusiasts, especially bonsai lovers, should be know of.

Substrates for the balance and good drainage of bonsai trees

  1. Akadama: Akadama is a widely used substrate in bonsai cultivation. Quality akadama is essential for maintaining moisture balance and providing good drainage in bonsai pots.
  2. Kiryozuna: Kiryozuna substrates are widely recognised for their high quality and usefulness in the cultivation of bonsai and plants in general. These substrates are formulated to provide an optimum balance between moisture retention and drainage, two crucial aspects of successful plant cultivation.

Akadama Ibaraki Essential brand for bonsai care

Fertilisers and nutrients for the healthy growth of bonsai

  1. Biogold: Fertilisers are vital for the healthy growth of plants. Biogold is a renowned brand that specialises in organic fertilisers for bonsai. Their products offer a gradual release of essential nutrients, which is essential for the sustainable development of Bonsai trees.
  2. Hiryo Gold: Also with gradual nutrient release, Hiryo Gold’s Bonsai fertilisers are based on a specialised formula that provides the nutrients necessary for the healthy growth of bonsai trees.
  3. Growth Technology: This British brand specialises in products for the cultivation and care of special plants. Their products include specialised fertilisers that provide essential nutrients in the form of microelements and secondary nutrients. Their flagship products are aimed at every type of plant: Bonsais, Succulent Orchids, Chilis as well as their market leading growth hormone: Clonex.
  4. Joy Tamahi: Joy Tamahi fertilizers are carefully formulated to provide plants with the essential nutrients necessary for their development. What sets Joy Tamahi fertilisers apart is their focus on gradual nutrient release, which ensures that plants are fed consistently over time.

Essential fertiliser brands for Bonsai care

Bonsai design and transplanting tools

  1. Ryuga: Ryuga is a Japanese brand specialising in high quality bonsai care tools and accessories. Their scissors, pliers and chisels are designed with precision and durability in mind, making them essential tools for sculpting and shaping your miniature trees.
  2. Dingmu: Tools from the Chinese brand Dingmu are prized for their durability and precision, making them a popular choice for beginners and experienced bonsaists alike. If you are looking for quality tools at a good price, Dingmu is a brand that is definitely worth considering.

Ryugra Bonsai Tools Essentials for Bonsai care


We hope this blog will help you choose among these very good product brands for Bonsai care those that best suit your plants and help you keep them healthy and beautiful.

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However, we also know that Bonsai and horticulture are constantly evolving worlds so we at ServoVendi will continue to explore and add new products and brands for the care of Bonsai and your special plants.

Feel free to share your personal favourites and needs with us and we will find them for you.

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