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Automatic watering saves you the trouble of daily watering and reduces your water consumption. At the same time, Blumat always supplies your plants with the right amount of water, which guarantees healthy plant growth and ensures lush colourful flowers. You can go on holiday at any time reassured: as often as you want as Blumat works all year round.

The heart of the Blumat products is the clay cone. It is in direct contact with the soil and the roots and measures the moisture exactly where it is important. Each clay cone is a stand-alone sensor that regulates the release of water independently. As a result, every individual plant regulates its watering itself, totally individually and as required. You save time and money and enjoy healthy, beautiful plants.

Blumat works without any power and watering computer at all. There is no mains connection, no changing of batteries, no complex programming, the clay cone thinks for you.

Automatic Tropf-Blumat System

This is how it works: the Tropf-Blumat is filled with water. This water is not used for watering but for control. If the soil gets dry, the Tropf-Blumat releases a bit of water onto the soil. The pressure goes down inside as a result and a valve opens. Once the soil is moist enough, the water is drawn back into the Tropf-Blumat through the clay cone and the valve closes. A simple principle of physics but highly effective and reliably for many years.

Automatic Plant Waterer Blumat Classic

With Blumat Classic indoor plants get just the right amount of water that they actually need. Regardless of whether it’s a sunny or shady location. The water is drawn from any container through a thin tube and released directly through the clay cone onto the plant. The Classic XL with larger clay cone that releases more water is ideal for indoor plants with higher water consumption or to supply plants on the balcony and patio when you are on holiday.

Universal Bottle Adapter Blumat Easy

Blumat Easy is the simple watering system with permanent release of water. It is particularly ideal for plants on the balcony and in the garden, naturally for indoor plants too. Almost all standard 0.25 to 2 litre plastic bottles fit on the adapter. Insert the filled bottle with clay cone into the soil and the porous cone slowly releases 200ml of water on  the plant throughout the day. With large plant pots use  the Easy XL, which releases 300ml of water over 24 hours.

Wet Soil Sensor Blumat Digital

Valuable plants usually react very sensitively to soil that is too dry or too wet. It is particularly very difficult to determine the best watering time over winter. With Blumat Digital this is possible without any problems, it guarantees the exact measuring of the soil’s moisture, which is otherwise only used in professional fruit growing and commercial nurseries. The deeply inserted clay cone sensor measures the roots’ absorbency and shows the values on the display. The higher the measured value the drier the soil is and the more thirsty the plant is. The instructions for use include a list with the ideal values for various plants. Once the maximum value has been exceeded, it’s time to water the plant.


Have you seen how easy irrigation is with Blumat?

Configure your irrigation systems in a personalized way with Blumat products. More time for you and always the right amount of water for your plants! Find all Blumat’s products here in our store!



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