The drying stage is over and you’re getting closer and closer to enjoying your harvest. But beware! Just because your plant is dry it doesn’t mean that the buds have lost all their moisture. Curing is precisely the process during which the rest of the structural water of the buds is released until humidity remains around 25% or 30% and during which the ripening reactions of the cannabinoids and terpenes take place, as well as allowing the decomposition of chlorophyll. 

The cannabis curing process can take from three weeks to a month approximately, once again, depending on where and how you are curing the buds. During this time most of the chlorophyll is degraded and much of the THC passes from its acid state to become psychoactive. It is vitally important that during the curing you avoid exposing your buds to light.

It is preferably better to cure cannabis in wooden boxes, humidors, or airtight cans to prevent light from passing through. Some growers claim that wooden boxes are the best choice and that’s why ServoVendi has a wide range of boxes from the best brands. The 00 Box for example, are made of cedar, a noble wood little porous, which facilitates curing and provides a characteristic fragrance. In addition the boxes incorporate a hygrometer to control the humidity and a humidifier that allows to increase humidity by wetting the sponge inside. 

The buds will continue to release moisture during the first weeks so it is very important that you open the case or box to let the moisture out. During the first week leave the lid open once a day for about an hour and then close it again. From the second week you can try to do the same every 2 or 3 days and once a week from the third.


How do I store my buds?

Once dried and cured the buds have to be stored in the best possible way to preserve their aroma and smell. 

The best way to store your weed is in glass jars, vacuum conservation jars or conservation bags

If you use glass jars, we recommend that they have a wide mouth like those of the 420 Jar brand and that you store them in a cool and dry place so that they do not suffer sudden changes in temperature. If you use glass jars you will need to be careful with humidity. As you will see the humidity is present throughout the process and while we can forget about it with airtight containers, if we use glass jars we will have to take some precautions. A trick to keep it at bay is to introduce balls of kitchen paper so that it absorbs the humidity that is generated in the interior. Another option may be to leave the jar open to air once a week.

If you opt for another form of storage, Tightvac vacuum conservation jars may be your solution. The advantage of the vacuum seal is that it guarantees a longer THC life. Another good option could be to store in CVault containers that with their included “vault pack” system ensure optimal control of relative humidity. Its stainless steel containers are lightproof and have a patented hermetic seal.

How long can I store marijuana?

Although your herb has no expiration date, its properties will be lost over time so it is recommended to consume it within 7 months from its conservation.

And you, how do you cure and store your herb? Which system do you prefer?

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