What are Cyco fertilizers?


is an Australian brand founded by SJ Enterprises in 2008. This company, formed by great professionals in the area of ​​cultivation, develops its own additives and nutrients in independent laboratories. 

What makes Cyco fertilizers different from other brands?

Behind Cyco there is a lot of research and constant testing until you get products that optimize your plants to the fullest and get the best yield in each harvest. With this curriculum, the brand stands out for being the first to get a pharmaceutical seal.

All the nutrients developed for this range are of the highest level, since they have only used clean ingredients, low in heavy metals and free of unnecessary additives.

Cyco Platinum Series products are the most advanced fertilizers of the moment. After going through a process called “molecular protein” they reach a purity of 98.9%, which means that the final product will be efficient, powerful and high performance.

In addition its high concentration will allow the grower to save money, because with a small amount you can achieve great results.

cyco lab research

Advantages of Cyco Platinum Series

  • Purity of 98.9% compared to 90% that other brands can reach. This means that the substrate will never accumulate toxic salts.
  • Without the presence of these toxic salts, plants will better and more quickly assimilate the nutrients they need. The results will therefore be seen within a few hours of its application.
  • It does not contain heavy metals.
  • Wide range for each phase of plant development.

What are the outstanding Cyco fertilizers?

Starting from the base that all Cyco fertilizers fulfill a precise function, we are going to take a short tour of what we think should be the basic of any grower.

Cyco Grow A + B

Cyco Grow A+B

Grow A+B by Cyco is a base fertilizer used during the growth period that gives your plants the perfect combination of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) to guarantee a strong and lively growth.

Thanks to this formulas compositional proportions it makes it incredibly easy for your plants to absorb, meaning that you’ll begin seeing results straight after the first dosage. It pushes your plants to grow as much as possible, rewarding them with a thick and resistant trunk, more branches, and a much faster growth rate.

We recommend using it in hydroponic crops, although it can be used in any crop system like soil, coconut or aeroponics.

When using, you should combine 3ml of each per liter of water, making sure to mix well before adding to your water tank. For even better results, we recommend using this product along with Ryzofuel, which stimulates your plants’ root system, making for bigger plants and a larger harvest.

Cyco Bloom A + B

cyco bloom A+BBloom A+B by Cyco is a two-part a base fertilizer used during the flowering period. You have to use both parts equally to guarantee the best possible flowering period.
It has a special formula that is amazingly good for your plants’ flowering period, stimulating many internal processes in your plants that will be noticeable right after the first dose.

The high quantity of calcium in this formula helps with distributing and the absorption of other important elements to guarantee the best results. The potassium, magnesium and phosphorus in Bloom’s formula have an immediate effect on the flowers’ size, quality and quantity.

You should apply this mix over the whole flowering period, using 3ml of each per liter of water, along with your usual fertilizers like Potash Plus or Swell. We recommend to stop applying this product 15 days before harvesting, which is when we should switch out all fertilizers for Kleanse by Coco, which will take care of all of the extra residues in your plants’ substrate.


Cyco Zyme

Cyco Zyme

Zyme by Cyco is an enzyme complex that you can use both in the growth period and the flowering period. It converts dead roots into sugars for your plant. It’s an incredibly concentrated product, so you just need 1ml per liter of water and that’s it. Mix well and make sure to check your pH and Ec levels, regardless of how you’re growing your plants.

It was made specifically for hydroponics, but you can use it in soil, coconut and aeroponics. You should use it along with other fertilizers according to your plants growth period or flowering period. We recommend using fertilizers from the same range, although you can use it with any other mineral fertilizer range.

During the growth period, the sugars in this mix will help them grow thicker cell walls, meaning the trunk will be harder and stronger, and the leaves will be more resistant against pests. Your plants’ resin production level will also rise thanks to these sugars. Also, if you use it in soil, once the dead roots are gone your substrate will be more aired out, allowing new roots to take the old ones’ place.


Cyco Potash Plus

cyco potash plus

Potash Plus by Cyco is an additive used during grower plants’ flowering period that takes care of making your plants’ internal processes better, making nutrient circulation and ingestion much easier.

It intensifies flower formation, filling up every available space on the branches, meaning that from the very start your plant will start producing more flowers and buds. Once the flowering period advances, you will get long bud-filled stems rather than just branches with empty spaces.

When growing outdoors, this formula helps your plants adapt to different climatic changes, making it much harder for your plants to feel stressed out.

You should only use it during the first 4 weeks of the flowering period, using just 1ml per liter of water along with your usual fertilizer mix. On the 5th week, you should switch Potash Plus with Swell, which will give your buds the necessary PK so that they get nice and fat.


Cyco Ryzofuel

Cyco Ryzofuel

Ryzofuel by Cyco is a root stimulant that helps your plants grow bigger and stronger roots, which in turn leads to bigger and stronger plants.

Your plants’ root system is directly proportional to how big your plants can grow, and you’ll start seeing results right after the first application.

Once your roots get bigger, your plant will be able to absorb more food and nutrients, which means you have to water them more often, allowing for more fertilizers.

After each transplant, your plants can sometimes seem a bit off and dull, but if you use Ryzo Fuel they should adapt to their new home rather quickly. You should use Ryzo Fuel for two weeks after each transplant, adding it to your usual salt mix.

If you apply 1ml per liter of water during the entire growth period, your plants will begin their flowering period bigger and stronger than usual, making for a greater production rate and an improved absorption rate.


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