How easy is it to say, “I’m going to plant marijuana.” That phrase is heard very often, but friends, the thing is that simple. It is about gardening, cultivating in the countryside, caring for a living being and providing his needs. You have to take into account all the factors. You spend a fortune for your little plant to take out its buds and in the first exchange, a storm can take everything to the fray.

It is what there is and it happens every year. As you will not be able to avoid the rains and of course, you will not advance the deadlines, it is best to take some precautions to prevent disasters:

Heal before healing
Entutora the branches: You will avoid that they are split with the wind or that they drag on the ground.
Awning to cover them while it rains. That the plastic does not touch the plants, do not cover them on the sides and especially remove it when it stops raining so that the plants do not rot.
If you have several marijuana plants in pots separate one from another when it stops raining so that the air runs well between the branches and dry soon.
Heavy rain washes the earth and may have left it ungraded. It fertilizes slightly afterwards to avoid deficiencies.
If you fertilize with powdered fertilizer, humus or guano, be careful with the dose, if it rains for a long time it will dissolve too quickly and you could overfertilize the plants.
If they are blooming and you put them inside the house to protect them from the rain, take light pollution into account. Respect the total darkness during the night.
Be very attentive to botrytis or white mold. Check the buds well and cut the parts you see damaged. It spreads very fast so always cut a little more than necessary. In the photo on the left you can see how, even having removed the damaged area, it has continued to spread.
There are some biological repellents or insecticides like Bacillus Thuringiensis (for the caterpillar) that go with the rain so you have to re-apply it as soon as possible. If you are using another product, inform yourself before doing so.
If after rain you see that the stigmas (white hairs) have turned brown do not believe that it is because it has matured and is ready to cut, this “amarchitamiento” can cause any friction or rain falling on the buds.
Do not cut after rain, wait to do it in the afternoon after a sunny day. Well you know, to currar that for us there is no agricultural insurance worth.
So you know, when the bad storms come, they do not spoil the crops.

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