During the hottest time of the year, plants require different care. High temperatures can affect the good condition that the plants have had during the colder months. At ServoVendi we help you to keep them safe and sound after the summer, read the following recommendations carefully.

Tips for caring for indoor plants during the summer

Indoor plants are especially delicate in summer as they suffer greatly from rising temperatures. Because of this, we sometimes make a very common mistake: increase the amount of watering. This can be lethal depending on the plant. Follow the following recommendations on irrigation:

  • The irrigation has to be greater, we must provide more water but without drowning it. Increase the amount of water in each irrigation but make sure before the substrate is dry.
  • A very suitable option is to provide our plants with automatic irrigation. Also, if you go on vacation you make sure they are taken care of.
  • An easy trick that is very helpful is to put containers with water near the plants. They will help maintain humidity in the environment.
  • Remember that material matters. If the pot is made of plastic, the plant will need less water than if it is made of clay or ceramic.
  • Watch out for lighting! We must avoid sunlight falling directly on the plants as it can burn the leaves.

Nutrients for plants in summer

Summer is the season when many plants bloom, so they need an extra dose of nutrients. Depending on each species, we must bear in mind that the amount and type of fertilizer that we must use vary. At ServoVendi we have a wide catalogue of nutrients and fertilizers so that your plants do not lack anything.

Summer indoor plant care tips

Indoor plants and summer pests

Another thing to keep in mind during the summer months is pests. The protection of plants against different diseases and pests begins with prevention. We offer you numerous options in our web


Check out the following tips to help your plants have a good summer. They are very valuable and simple:

  • Clean your plants, the dust doesn’t let them breathe properly.
  • Don’t put them too close to the wall. Due to the high temperatures they radiate heat.
  • Avoid watering in the middle of the day so the leaves don’t burn.

With the help of our products and following the advice that, with love, we tell you from ServoVendi sure you get all your plants to finish the summer safely.