We want to let you know something…

In a few days you will receive an email that may sound strange to you, but NO, WE HAVE NOT GONE CRAZY!

There is an explanation and we want to tell you that in the very distant past, in ServoVendi we had a great section of Home and Photography articles.

Over the years we have been evolving and focusing on what we like and finally this year we decided to get rid of all the stock of Photography that we have, thus giving way to other Novelties.

Therefore, next week to celebrate the 19th of August being the “International Day of Photography“, we are going to launch a Promotion with discounts of up to 70% on all photography products.

So when you receive an email announcing a PHOTO OUTLET, don’t panic, it’s still us!

What’s more, if you like photography or know someone who loves it, please pass our website because I promise that the discounts are going to be very worthwhile to get all those necessary accessories for those passionate about this art.

End of message. See you at the Outlet!

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